Our customers

From our base of operations, our team works tirelessly to improve day-by-day, with enthusiasm and efficiency, and we are always supported by the latest technology to optimize results and guarantee the best product for our customers.


Edicards is committed to facing the challenges of modern society. We work to contribute more and more to sustainability and respect for the environment, and for this we use 100% ecological paper in the manufacture of all our greeting cards. And not only that, but we also take care to recycle leftovers from our customers, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

Collaboration with NGOs

We believe that companies should play a role in promoting the welfare of society, i.e. strengthening their social responsibility. This is reflected in caring for the impact of their activity on the environment, the working conditions of their employees, as well as direct collaborations with disadvantaged groups. We collaborate with the NGO Global Humanitarian.


Collaboration with TEB

Social and labor integration for people with intellectual disabilities.


Supporting inclusive football CE SABADELL

Committed to our customers, the environment and social responsibility.